1. Logo & Menu
Navigation Menu is on every page of your website so people can quickly jump to any page and back to the home page just as easily.

2. Photo Slideshow
A picture is worth a thousand words and we can put several photos here to emotionally connect with your visitors as soon as they get to the homepage.  The slideshow will automatically play  the photos and people can click on the images to go to the appropriate pages for more information.

3. Social Sharing

This will allow people to share your website contents on their social media profile so for example, their Facebook friends can see and hopefully click to your website to learn more.  Like free advertising, huge!  This is different than social links.

4. Call to Action
What do you want people to do the most when they visit your website?  Call you?  Visit your business?  Leave an after hour message?  We can link to your contact page and people can do all that!

5. Gallery


6. Copyright & Social Links

Links to your social media profiles:  Facebook, Yelp, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.  We prefer to use the footer instead of the header for social links.

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