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Restaurants Websites YES creates websites for restaurants that are Young, Engaging, Simple (YES!)


YOUNG by having a blog of new, young contents so search engines and human visitors have reasons to come back on a regular basis


ENGAGING because we integrate Youtube videos, Facebook commenting, Yelp reviews, Google maps directions, request for quotes or appointments so visitors can start talking and interacting with the business


SIMPLE to find information by browsing the website on ipads, computers and smart phones so people can learn about your business anytime, anywhere

Working with Dinh at Websitesyes was a great experience.  My business partner and I did our own website at first using the godaddy template which took a lot of our time and ultimately the end result was not good.  And once we finished it, we never wanted to change it because of all the aggravation.  Dinh solved all of that for us.  First, he helped us create a site that we were happy to launch.  And Second, he let us feel comfortable knowing that with his services, you never have to feel complacent about your site.  He let us know that anything we wanted to change would be done in a timely manner.    This is what he means by incorporating young and fresh content.  It was such a pleasure working with Dinh which is important because now that I don’t have to worry about putting the new content up I can just send an email to Dinh and let him know what I want added or removed.  And one other great thing is that Dinh uses robots that can tell what type of device is viewing the content.  This is extremely important because many people use their phones or tablets to view content.  The robots automatically adjust how the page is viewed based on what platform it is viewed upon which is a huge difference from our original website which was very difficult to view on a phone.  Thanks again Dinh.

Darren V.

Anaheim, CA

When I started my quilt business one year ago I started strong with a spot at the farmers market and great word of mouth.
But after a few months my sales died and no one was buying quilts anymore, my customer base had reached its peak and I tried to sell on ebay and etsy, I could not get a good amount of customers in the time i needed to make my business profitable. But when I found WebsitesYes i was extremely interested at their price and professionalism to what seemed to me like only a dream; a website that popped and could drive business in for me. I now run a youtube series on quilts and can show case it on my new website along with a great amount of social interaction from customers all across the country.
I am here to tell you that this service is amazing, they hold your hand along the way and deliver to you a great website that caters to exactly what you need.

Jose F.

Los Angeles, CA

Dinh has blown me away with the awesome website he created for me!  I actually already had a pretty decent website that i really liked but i saw a site that Dinh had made for a Coworker and it blew mine out of he water.  After 2 short days of my new website being  posted, I gained 3 new clients in 2 days with the easy contact feature right on the home page.   Everyone that has checked it out has raved about how excellent it looks.  I am 100% satisfied with the results and I am so looking forward to growing my business with my updated, professional, eye catching website! Thanks Dinh!

Taryn M.

Fullerton, CA

We recently started our own catering business.  We were excited and nervous at the same time.  Being in sales for many years in different industries, exploring websites for new customers gave us an edge in marketing.  However, we had no idea what would be involved in developing our own website for our brand new business.  Since the internet drove the majority of our catering sales in the past, we knew that having a strong web presence would be our number one marketing goal.

We met Dinh over a year ago, and we knew one day we would have the chance to use his expertise.  We are so excited about what he put together for us.  Our website is professional with excellent pictures of food, detailed menus, testimonials, and has great compatibility when viewing on your cell phone.  We even have an area for calendaring and blogging.   It was a great investment for the future of our business.  The internet is a huge key to our success.  We couldn’t be happier with Dinh’s professional and courteous service.  He is a great listener and has exceptional vision in website marketing.  We look forward to working with him in the future, and strongly recommend his services to all small business owners.

Sandy B.

Brea, CA

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